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Our history

Since 1932, Stahmanns Pecans has consistently supplied premium quality bulk pecans for rebagging, as well as pecans for commercial and industrial markets including grocers, bakers, food brands, and beyond. Found on a lush 3,200-acre oasis in the southern New Mexico desert, the Stahmanns pecan orchard is made up of over 168,000 pecan trees producing a whopping 8 to 9 million pounds of pecans each year.

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Meet our fearless leader,
Sally Stahmann-Solis

For fourth-generation owner and operator, Sally Stahmann-Solis, pecan growing and harvesting isn’t just a job— it’s in her blood. After being handed the reigns from her father, William J. Stahmann 2nd, in 2002, Sally has become one of the world’s leading female pecan growers and pecan businesswomen. We are proud to be a female-owned business, keeping the family tradition alive and well with Sally at the helm. To learn more about Sally and the entire Stahmann family, check out this article from American Pecan, or view our blog

Sally Stahmann, CEO

A leading name in pecan growing & distribution

As one of the largest growers and pecan distributors in the world, Stahmanns Pecans has used state-of-the-art equipment and modern farming techniques to yield the highest quality bulk pecans for over 90 years. As passionate pecan growers, Stahmanns understands the importance of quality and food safety through the use of our mindful holistic management program that begins from the ground up.

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Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans

Estate-grown pecans from tree to table

This Mesilla Valley family-owned, environmentally-friendly pecan farm handles all aspects of production on the farm from growing, harvesting, and shelling, to packing and shipping. We manage every step of the process to ensure maximum quality, efficiency, and service. And with our modern pecan shelling plant onsite, our pecans go directly from our tree to your table.

Discover wholesale pecans & the wholehearted team behind them

Stahmanns is the industry’s most trusted pecan supplier, producing 8 to 9 million pounds of estate-grown pecans each year for distribution to rebaggers, retailers, food and snack brands, and other commercial and industrial clients.

Stahmanns Pecans


For the latest prices of our assorted pecans,  contact Stahmanns Pecans at or (575) 528-6838