What does it mean to be Kosher certified?

Kosher is the Hebrew word for “fit” or “appropriate.” As such, a Kosher-certified food comes from neither dairy or meat sources, and cannot be mixed in preparation with any milk or meat products.

In order to earn the Star-K Kosher certification, Stahmanns must follow the strictest requirements for food processors, with supervision by a group of active rabbis and food specialists. This meticulous certification ensures that our Kosher pecans are approved for consumption by Jewish people all over the world.

We’ve gone through this thorough certification process so all can experience the fresh flavors of Stahmanns Pecans, but also so that your business can continue to market to those who buy Kosher products. Additionally, with the support of our sustainable processes, your business can market to consumers who not only choose Kosher, but also prefer environmentally conscious products, allowing you to reach a wider, more inclusive audience. 

Keep business Kosher with Stahmanns Kosher Pecans

At Stahmanns Pecans, we take great pride in our estate-grown, bulk Kosher pecans. We ensure top-quality, Kosher-certified bulk pecans, and handle the entire process from growing to shipping for clients around the world.

Contact us today to find out more about our wholesale-certified Kosher pecans at (575) 528-6838, or email us at pecans@Stahmanns.com to find out more to get started.

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