Stahmanns Pecans
Stahmanns Pecans

Our joint team effort

Stahmanns Pecans is proud to support the Las Cruces community with bountiful positions on our team. From customer support to pecan packing and everything in between, the strength of our product is a reflection of the strength of our team. 

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The Stahmanns Way

Stahmanns Pecans provides high-quality wholesale pecans to commercial and industrial markets, including grocers, restaurants, food and snack brands, bakers, and beyond. With each new shipment, our goal is to make the world a tastier, healthier, and happier place, one pecan at a time. As part of our staff, you will be treated as an equal and respected member in pursuit of this goal, with our full support to your constant well-being and development. 

Wholesale pecans
  • After 90 years of growth and evolution, we continue to improve our best practices for our employees as well as the entire company.
  • We stay committed to our core values of quality, integrity, honesty, and continual improvement, and that remains the same for how we treat our employees.
  • We believe in providing each employee with the opportunities and tools they need to continue growing in their time with us.
  • As a team member at Stahmanns, you will always be treated with respect as such, where constant collaboration and input is always welcomed. 
  • We work hard because we are passionate about what we produce and deliver to the world, and we seek others who are passionate too. 
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