Discover the healthy power hidden under the shell

Stahmanns Pecans are world-renowned for their golden shade and crisp crunch, but did you know about the healthy goodness packed within these flavorful bites? Read on to discover how Stahmanns Pecans can not only make your taste buds happy, but also your body. 

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Get the full picture of health

Hearty Nutrients

Pecans contain healthy nutrients including oleic acid and phenolic antioxidants, which help to decrease levels of LDL, or “bad cholesterol”, which can often lead to stroke, heart disease, and coronary artery disease if left untreated. And not only do these nutritious nuts help to reduce “bad cholesterol,” but they can also increase “good cholesterol” levels or HDL, doubling up the health benefits of pecans.

Healing Powers

On top of the heart-health benefits of pecans, they can also improve your immune system and protection from viral illnesses, thanks to the dense level of antioxidants found within. Adding pecans to your diet has even been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers including breast and colon cancer due to the high oleic acid, ellagic acid, and fiber levels contained within each nut.

Glowing Goodness

Pecans don’t just heal what’s happening within your bodythey also work to improve your outer appearance, boosting hair, skin, and teeth quality overall. Packed with vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc, folate, phosphorous, and an abundance of fiber, pecans heal you from the inside out by reducing oil production and ridding the body of toxins. These same nutrients also help to reduce premature skin aging and pigmentation.

Slimming Properties

Because pecan nuts are so packed to the brim with fiber, they naturally promote healthy digestion and reduce bloating. Adding pecans into your diet has been shown to reduce your waist line as well, enhancing overall satiety and increasing your metabolism thanks to several rich sources of B-complex vitamins. And because they’re so low in caloric intake per nut, you can chow down without tipping the scales.

Trash the salty snacks—it’s crunch time.

We get it. Snacking isn’t just a daily activity, it’s something that’s nearly impossible to fully eliminate—and with the endless health benefits of pecans, you don’t have to. Swap out the chips and sweets with our tasty pecans and you’ll realize the versatile power of Stahmanns right away. With such a balanced combination of sweet and savory flavors, pecans are the perfect pair for late-night snacking, an early bird breakfast, or anything in between. Even if you’re letting your sweet tooth take charge for the night, throw some Stahmanns pecans into your cake, pie, or brownie recipe to boost the nutritious goodness and add a tasty crunch while you’re at it. 


Not all pecans are made equal

While the health benefits of pecans are generally the same across the board, not all pecans contain the same flavorful goodness. And because business often requires such bulk amounts of pecans for most needs, quality can often be sacrificed in the name of quantity. Not at Stahmanns. 

Stahmanns estate-grown pecans are consistently chosen as the preferred pecan source for leading rebaggers, national grocers, global industrial brands, and even successful bakeries and restaurants. If you’re looking to diversify your products (or menu), choose Stahmanns signature golden pecans to ensure that flavor and crunch always reign supreme. Contact us today to place your first wholesale order of pecans that are always naturally harvested, sustainably processed, and Kosher certified.