Wholesale pecans

Who we are

Stahmanns, Inc. is a family owned and operated, vertically integrated, wholesale pecan company that has been growing and producing exceptional quality fresh pecans for sale since 1932.  We are a SQF certified pecan grower with an onsite pecan shelling plant and modern processing facilities that enable us to provide wholesale pecans for sale to both commercial and industrial markets.

How we uphold our quality standards

At Stahmanns Pecans, we provide bulk pecans for sale by following stringent specifications and certifications designed to meet or exceed industry standards. Our environmentally friendly pecans are also Kosher certified, meeting the Star-K Kosher Certification requirements as well. All of our premium pecan nuts are additionally tested through a trusted comprehensive food safety and quality management system, demonstrating Stahmanns’ superior commitment to food safety and health for all.

Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Stahmanns Pecans

How to Choose The Right Bulk Pecan Size: The Sweet + Simple Stahmanns Size Guide

Halves. Pieces. Mammoths. Jumbos. Granules. When it comes to selling bulk pecans, there are endless ways to slice and dice them. So what does it all mean? And what is the best size option for your business and product? Let the pecan pros guide the way.

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Our bulk pecans for sale

Stahmanns offers only the highest quality pecan halves and pieces, including: 

  • mammoth pecan halves
  • junior mammoth pecan halves
  • jumbo pecan halves
  • extra-large pecan pieces
  • large pecan pieces
Pecans for sale

Stahmanns Pecans are an essential ingredient for baking, cooking, roasting, confectionery items, ice cream, cereals, and other dessert items. They also mix effortlessly into specialty foods, including chocolates, granolas, breakfast bars, salads, breads, gourmet foods, and other nutritious snack options. Wherever flavor is found, Stahmanns Pecans are there. 


Who we serve

Stahmanns is the industry’s most trusted pecan supplier, producing 8 to 9 million pounds of estate-grown pecans each year for distribution to rebaggers, retailers, food and snack brands, and other commercial and industrial clients.

Because of our unflinching commitment to integrity, honesty, and high quality pecans, our customers keep returning year after year.

Add a bite of freshness to your product today

Our pecan halves and pieces are the preferred choice for top pecan rebaggers, as well as industrial and commercial markets and culinary establishments. We are proud to ship our wholesale pecans all over the world. We are ready to expand our customer list and deliver our premium product right to your doorstep.

Wholesale pecans