pecan trees



8-9 Million

lbs of pecans/year


years of growth
since 1932

A dream cultivated into a reality

Stahmann Farms is the flourishing home to all of our original Stahmanns Pecans, and is where our story began 90 years ago. When W.J. Stahmann and Deane F. Stahmann Sr. purchased this piece of land in 1926, the Stahmann had no plans of planting roots as a pecan farm. But after years of experience in the cotton production business, Deane F. Stahmann Sr. decided to dream a little bigger. In 1932, our story truly took hold when the first batch of pecan trees were planted by Deane F. Stahmann Sr. and his family. 

Years later, Stahmann Farms became the home to the world’s first irrigated pecan farm and premium estate-grown pecans found nowhere else in the world. From there, the Stahmanns took their secret pecan harvesting processes to Australia to plant an additional 2,000 acres of pecan trees, becoming the largest pecan producing family in the world.

Today, we are proud to be a beloved fixture in the Mesilla Valley and one of New Mexico’s largest pecan farms, presenting a panoramic view of greenery that lines the city of Las Cruces for all to see. Hidden in that lush arbor of trees, our pecan farm stands strong and fruitful after four generations of evolution and advancement. On our pecan grove, we are proud to feature our family-run facility, shelling plant, state-of-the-art equipment, and an ever-abundant canopy of pecan trees. Through decades of growth and change, we remain one of only a handful of estate-grown pecan providers in the world, tackling the entire production process from the ground up.

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