UPDATE: Goodbye Texas and Georgia, New Mexico reigns supreme over pecans. According to the most recent report from the US Department of Agriculture, New Mexico is now the top pecan producer in the country. We’re so happy that Stahmanns pecans could contribute to this new milestone. If you want the best, crunchiest, fresh pecans out there, look no further than ours, home-grown in beautiful New Mexico. 

 Information courtesy: USDA Report | January 23, 2020

Have you heard the great news? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, New Mexico is expected to lead the nation in pecan production during this 2019’s harvest.

As pecan growers and lovers ourselves, we are proud to contribute to this growing number at our beloved Stahmanns Farms. Each year, we grow, harvest, shell, and ship up to 9 million pounds of fresh New Mexico pecans to industrial leaders and commercial brands, making up for nearly 10% of the state’s total. 

We’re always hard at work keeping the practice of New Mexico pecan production fruitful, but in recent years, our national industry has made a conscious shift to increase operations across the board.

In fact, pecan production in the U.S. is expected to boost by 20% this upcoming harvest year. For New Mexico pecan growers like us who work diligently each year to keep our family tradition alive, we couldn’t be more thrilled. But what exactly caused this shift?

A global perspective with homegrown roots

After a recent economic progression towards outsourcing production, tariff changes, and phasing out classic estate-grown techniques, the pecan industry in the U.S. was at a critical point. Luckily, after years of growth and transition, pecan growers in the United States have focused on building buyer relationships with other countries across the world. As such, the demand for pecan production is budding and bountiful, giving our Stahmanns folks something extra to smile about.

Why New Mexico?

New Mexico has always maintained high ranking for pecan production nationwide, but what’s the root of it all? Our sunny days and mild autumns and winters are the main contributing factor. Because pecans require a long growing season, they also require a warm and constant climate that aids in the growth process.

Our home is the perfect place for such a task, where the sun shines bright through every season. Additionally, the fertile Mesilla Valley where Stahmanns Farms is located is also a key reason, keeping our pecan trees healthy and rich year after year. When combined with growing connections across the globe, reduced severe weather events, and long-standing local teams like us that keep production competitive, it comes as no surprise that New Mexico is Pecan Capital, USA.

Unfortunately, pecan production in Georgia can’t say the same this year. Due to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, Georgia’s overall production was cut in half this season after extensive crop damage and flooding. As a community of passionate growers ourselves, we hope for restored strength and stability for Georgia providers in the coming months. And thankfully, the Stahmanns team and other New Mexico pecan growers are here to keep supply in check while they rebound and rebuild. 

Ultimately, U.S. production should continue to build in the coming years as growers in New Mexico, Georgia, Texas, and other states expand and evolve their operations. 

Choose the pinnacle of pecans from Pecan Capital, USA

Countless locals and business owners choose Stahmanns Pecans for the most crunchy, fresh, and flavorful pecans in town. And now that New Mexico is the national leader for pecan production, that can mean only one thing: Stahmanns Pecans are the best bulk pecans on the market.

If you’re ready to infuse fresh flavors, trusted expertise, and forward-thinking processes into the mix at your business, look to Stahmanns New Mexico Pecans for premium wholesale pecans. Contact our team today to taste the difference for yourself. 

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Information courtesy of: Las Cruces Sun News

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