Discover the Gold Standard of Pecans

When it comes to producing high quality pecans, we at Stahmanns know a thing or two. However, businesses seeking such products might not be able to detect the differences between a stellar nut and a lackluster one. Read on to learn a little more about our golden pecans, and what sets them apart from the rest.

Family comes first

When it comes to developing a successful business, one must have strong roots to build upon. There is no strength greater than the strength of family, and as they say, “Blood is thicker than water.” Stahmanns Pecans is a family-owned, female-operated, and estate-grown pecan producer with a story dating back nearly a century. 

Becoming the first irrigated pecan farm in the world, then the largest pecan-producing family in the world cemented our presence as pecan pioneers. Since then, our family has continued to lead the way for 4 generations with our loyal leader, Sally Stahmann-Solis, heading up operations as our CEO and President since 2002. As the granddaughter of original founder, Deane F. Stahmann Sr., creating the perfect pecan is in her blood. With true passion for producing and delivering high quality pecans to our wholesale customers far and wide, she has continued to nurture evolution and growth that stands the test of time.

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Location, location, location

When Deane F. Stahmann Sr. began Stahmanns Pecans in 1932, he practically struck a pecan gold mine with his 2,900-acre purchase in La Mesa, New Mexico. Due to its outstanding number of sunny days, minimal levels of snow and rain, and fertile grounds of the Mesilla Valley it stands upon, La Mesa is the perfect plot for premium pecan growth. In fact, New Mexico was the highest pecan-producing state in the country in 2019, with our team churning out a whopping 9 million pecans and contributing to 10% of the state’s total. 

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With over 168,000 pecan trees on our lands dating back decades, our team has been able to carefully observe the grove’s annual conditions, develop new solutions, and curate the best method for growth and harvesting. After years of trial and error, we have truly perfected our pecan production, delivering the most golden, crunchy, and high quality pecan on the wholesale market.





8-9 Million



SINCE 1932

Certifiably exceptional pecans

Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans

Some of the certifications we currently possess include:

  • SQF Certification for Pecan Growing – Adheres to global quality and established food safety standards
  • Certified Kosher Pecans – Ensures our pecans can be shared with Jewish communities and businesses
  • FDA Registered Certification – Instills trust and transparency with customers, requiring a yearly inspection and detailed breakdown of our food facilities
  • Non GMO Verification – Validates our status as a non-GMO food product, providing clean, healthy pecans for all

Quality always rises to the top

Our commitment to quality hasn’t gone unnoticed over the years. If you ever have tasted or held a Stahmanns pecan for yourself, you’ll notice a stark difference at first sight.

The color:

Our rich, golden pecans are unlike others you’ve seen before. This warm, amber hue is a result of our established grove of trees receiving constant upkeep and nurturing of growth, plus a perfected irrigation process and high-tech color sorting machine. With all of these processes working hand-in-hand, we are proud to deliver signature golden pecans that are unmatched in the market. 

The crunch:

Our fresh crunch is one-of-a-kind, thanks to our on-site shelling plant and dedicated team. With cutting-edge sorting and shelling machines that expedite the process and careful eyes to catch anything the machines may miss, our pecans are shelled, packaged, and shipped in record time. This rapid, yet attentive process preserves their signature flavor and crunch, bringing our labor-of-love to customers in peak condition.

The commitment:

The standout differences of Stahmanns Pecans extend far beyond the shell. When it comes to our customers, we’ll do everything in our power to deliver a product that meets our expectations and exceeds yours. From competitive pricing to custom shipments and last-minute orders, our team seeks to provide compassionate, steadfast service that helps you reach your goals. From national wholesalers to specialty snack foods brands and premium pecan rebaggers, our service is appreciated by customers all across the globe.

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So what are you waiting for? 

Experience the gold standard of pecans and harness its power to reach business goals. Stahmanns Pecans have been used to elevate chef dishes, packaged snack foods, pecan rebagging processes, and beyond. Discover the possibilities that await your business today.

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