7 Reasons Snack Makers + Ice Cream Confectioneries Should Buy Pecans In Bulk.

When it comes to creating your own tasty snacks and desserts to be indulged by customers far and wide, determining the best mix to your secret recipe can be tricky. What’s worthwhile to splurge on, and what’s not? What flavors complement your snack of choice, and which fall short?

If you’re lost in a labyrinth of ingredient options but can’t find your way, let Stahmanns be your guide. Keep reading for 7 reasons why buying bulk pecans may be just the thing your snack food brand or ice cream confectionary is missing.


1. Pecans are both a tasty and nutritious addition to any snack.

If you have yet to experience the transformational power of Stahmanns homegrown pecans, let us formally invite you to this unrivaled tasting experience. With a sweet, yet salty flavor all its own, and a rich, golden hue that begs for a crunch, any snack can be upgraded with the addition of Stahmanns Pecans. Balanced by both texture and flavor, snackmakers nationwide choose Stahmanns Pecans to enhance their signature recipes. 


2. Buying in bulk saves you money in the long run.

In the same way that buying bulk food from Costco can save you on groceries per serving, buying bulk pecans can save your growing business valued expenses. Stahmanns offers competitive pricing on bulk pecan orders without sacrificing quality or attention-to-detail. And to maximize your savings, shipping is much more cost-effective when the trip is made just a few times a year instead of nearly every month. 

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3. Bulk pecans can last up to 6 months to make your investment last. 

We get it. Buying several pounds of pecans at a time can feel intimidating—what if you can’t use that many pecans in a short period? Or, what if they go stale before you make your way through the bundle? Take a deep breath and rest easy—one of the beauties of buying bulk pecans is in their extended crunch and freshness. When stored properly, pecans can stay fresh for up to 6 months. That way, you can take the time you need to create new snacks and sell your inventory while it’s fresh. Your precious Stahmanns pecans will stay safe and ready for you whenever you are. 

Follow our storage tips here to make your investment last to the very last nut. 


4. Bulk pecans help you maintain healthy stock levels to meet customer demand.

Picture this: Your dream has happened. You’ve just placed a whopping order to stock your snacks at a local grocery store. Or, your local snack or ice cream shop has finally garnered buzz, and now it’s routine to walk into the shop with lines out of the door. But how do you meet demand when your signature snack is dependent on the availability of your prized ingredients? It’s simple: you buy in bulk. As mentioned above, buying bulk pecans is cost-effective, and your supply will maintain freshness for longer than you think. Don’t let the growth of your business be hindered by a delay or shortage in ingredients. With Stahmanns bulk pecans in your special mix, you’ll always have enough raw ingredients on standby to meet customer demand and keep your business booming. 



5. Endless uses for pecans mean you can always find a way to spend your supply. 

We’ve explored the possibility of exceeding your business’s expectations and hitting a boom in demand. But what happens if the worst happens, and you experience the opposite? What does one do with a supply of bulk pecans when your product isn’t taking off in the way you’d hoped?

You just keep on creating, of course. Another value of stocking up on bulk pecans is discovering the versatility that pecans hold. A key ingredient in chicken breadings, pie crusts, cookies, salads, breakfast cereals, and beyond, the value of pecans can evolve with you. Having such a supply will give you the freedom to reinvent your product assortment without boundaries or limits.


6. Buying in bulk reduces time between ordering, shipping, and delivery. 

As mentioned before, buying bulk pecans allows you to meet potential customer demand without delays or shortages. But in addition to matching customer demand, buying in bulk allows you to continue creating and conceiving your products without a lag in delivery. Stahmanns is your one-stop-shop for bulk pecans—you can order, ship, and store your pecans all at the same time, allowing you stockpile your supply for future use without waiting weeks for a follow-up delivery. 

7. Stahmanns Pecans uphold peak quality standards to enhance any snack. 

Now that we’ve broken down the cost-saving and time-saving benefits of buying bulk pecans, let’s answer the golden question: Do bulk pecans maintain the same quality standards as small-order pecans? Our answer is: our quality is actually even better than many small-size pecan suppliers. As a specialty bulk pecan supplier, we are able to produce our pecans with unrivaled consistency and accuracy. All year round, we tend to our historic pecan trees with true dedication and passion, and when it’s time to harvest, we expertly pick only the most perfect pecans to continue on to shelling. After passing through our modern shelling plant with hand-picked support, our pecans are rapidly packaged to preserve freshness, crunch, and flavor. Once packaged, we’re ready whenever you are for a new order—we work round the clock, through every season to anticipate demand and ensure each and every customer receives their supply right when they need it. 

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