A Year in the Life of an Estate Grown Pecan Farm–Part 6 – March

This is the sixth installment of our blog series a Year in the Life of an Estate-Grown Pecan Farm. This series provides you behind the scenes look at Stahmanns Pecans, one of the largest New Mexican pecan companies. This series will also include details about the harvesting of the fresh pecans to get them ready for commercial and industrial markets all over the world. If you missed Part 5, of A Year in the Life of an Estate Grown Pecan Farm, check it out here.

March – Preparing the Soil for the New Crop

In March, the work on the farm is all about the soil and getting it ready for the next growing season that begins in earnest in April. This involves collecting all of the wood produced during the cut back and pruning process and shredding it to blend back into the soil to provide additional nutrients for the pecan trees. We do not burn the wood because of all the smoke it generates, and we think it is more ecologically friendly to shred the wood to produce the carbon for the soil.

Pile of shredded mulch produced by a pecan grower

Another big task during the month of March on the pecan farm is preparing the ground for the new harvest. This involves ripping up the ground and disking it to loosen up the soil which gets compacted during the harvesting process and because of the rain and snow of winter. This process also allows the shredded wood to be blended into the loosened soil and feed the trees for the upcoming year’s harvest.

In March, the action in the shelling plant continues. In fact, it never stops and keeps sorting, cleaning and processing and packaging pecans by the case all year round.

Processing light pecans at the pecan shelling plant

Looking for a Fresh Case of Pecans?

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