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At Stahmanns we pride ourselves on providing only the best quality of our mammoth pecan halves and large pecan pieces. How do we know that our light pecans are of the highest quality? They are a perfect golden color or light brown. Pecans that are darker shades than this tend to be more bitter and sometimes even rancid.

Rancidity and the darkening of the pecan kernel are the result of oxidation. Storing the pecan properly in cold storage and limiting its exposure to air are some of the best ways to ensure that your pecans don’t become rancid. For more information, check out this tip sheet about how to properly store bulk pecans, to help prevent this from happening.

Because of this, dark colored pecans kernels are a clear indicator that the pecan nuts are old or have been stored improperly.

Another problem indicated by dark pecans is if you crack a pecan open and the nut is a blackish color and crumbles easily it is probably infected by a fungal infection known as Scab. Pecan scab is often exacerbated by extremely hot, humid and rainy weather, which makes the pecan tree a ripe place for this fungus to grow.

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Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
Wholesale pecans
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At Stahmanns we do everything we can to make sure that our light pecans are the highest of quality. We have environmentally friendly pecans for sale and you can purchase them by the case anytime. As a leading pecan supplier for rebaggers, our high-quality pecans can be found in restaurants and grocery stores all over the country. Give us a call at (575) 644-8247 or contact us using our simple online form to get more info about our kosher pecans.

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