This is the ninth installment of our blog series a Year in the Life of an Estate-Grown Pecan Farm. This series provides you behind the scenes look at Stahmanns Pecans, one of the largest pecan farms in New Mexico. This series will also include details about the harvesting of high quality pecans to get them ready for commercial and industrial markets all over the world. If you missed Part 8, of A Year in the Life of an Estate Grown Pecan Farm, check it out here.

High quality pecan grower

June – The Pecan Crop Sets

June is one of the hottest months out on the pecan farm, but one of the most important months for growing high quality pecans. The night time temperatures rarely drop below 65 degrees, and the daytime temps go into the mid to upper 90’s. The end of June marks the beginning of the “rainy season” on the farm, although the total amount of rainfall we see out at the farm rarely exceeds an inch.

Irrigation for high quality pecans

So continuing irrigation is essential for the growth of this year’s pecan crop, which we supplement with fertilizer and zinc spray. Another form of fertilizer we use is a solid, granular fertilizer that gets “irrigated into the ground.” This dry fertilization is finished up by the end of June.

Growing high quality pecans

June also is when the crop “sets” and we can get an idea of how good this year’s harvest is going to be. And because the harvesting process never quite ends at Stahmann Farms, our crews continue preparing the ground for the next harvest. They do this all year round by systematically ripping up the ground, making it easier for water and nutrients to sink into the ground and then leveling it, to make it easier for the equipment to complete the harvest.

Ground prep by pecan farmer

The work at the shelling plant continues as always as we meet our customer demand for fresh pecans by the case for commercial and industrial markets.

Get the High Quality Pecans by the Case

Stahmanns is the premier fresh pecan supplier for industrial and commercial markets all over the world. We are a level 3 SQF certified pecan grower who specialize in providing pecans for gourmet and specialty foods. For more information give us a call at 844-739-6887 or connect with us using our simple online form.

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