Are Pecans Kosher?

Are Stahmanns’ pecans kosher? Yes, they absolutely are. Are all pecans Kosher? No, they aren’t. At Stahmanns our goal is to provide everyone with fresh high-quality pecans. We always go the extra mile to make sure that this tasty nut we care so much about can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to add a healthy crunch to their favorite recipes. One of the ways we do this is by earning a Kosher certification.

What Does It Mean To Be Kosher?

The word Kosher has ancient Hebrew origins meaning “proper” or “acceptable.”But today, we most often hear it used in reference to specific food and beverage items. The Hebrew bible designates a list of food items as “non-Kosher,” and therefore off-limits to individuals practicing traditional Jewish religions. 

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Not all Jewish people adhere to these specifications, known as Kashrut, but for those who do, it’s an extremely important part of their daily lives and a way to enhance their connection with their community and God. Non-kosher foods include fowl, fish, pork, shellfish. Kosher rules even offer exact specifications for how Kosher meats and dairy products are to be consumed and prepared.

What Is A Kosher Certification?

Kosher certification is an acknowledgement by a rabbinic agency that verifies that our production processes meet strict Kosher certification requirements at every single stage of the process. From planting to harvesting and shelling, it’s an examination of all equipment, tools, and processes to make sure the pecans never come into contact with non-kosher substances. 

There are several different types of Kosher certifications. Star-D and Star-A are two other options offered, but producing a pecan that people of all religions and dietary restrictions can munch and crunch on is our mission. So, when we went after our Kosher certification, we decided to go with the strictest certification- Star K. This designation means that our pecans stand up to the most ardent Kosher requirements.

Why Buy Kosher Pecans?

Kosher certification is not an easy certification to achieve… So why do we commit so much time and energy into ensuring that all of our pecans are Kosher certified? Because we always have our clients (and their clients) in mind. In addition to helping individuals adhere to religious requirements, Kosher certifications also designate safe foods for people with food restrictions or allergies.

And whether you’re prepping a menu for a restaurant, giving gifts to clients, or crafting up delicious confectionaries, it’s safe to say that you want them to appeal to as many people as possible. When you buy Stahmanns pecans, you know you’re getting a healthy, high-quality nut with an enviable crunch that everyone can enjoy. 

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