Why Buy Bulk Pecans?

Whether you’re a confectioner, caterer, or chef, you already know that the quality of your ingredients is paramount in ensuring the quality of the final product. And with the recent nationwide push to serve healthy and delicious foods, more and more people are turning to fresh, high-quality ingredients to satisfy their palate and fuel their bodies. Our bulk pecans are the perfect marriage of both.

We carefully cultivate every single tree to produce premium pecans. Each and every bite is packed with essential but hard to find vitamins and nutrients. And pecan’s natural sweetness and slight butteriness makes them the perfect compliment to both savory and sweet dishes. So, when you’re planning your menu or simply looking to freshen things up with something new, a batch of bulk pecans is the tastiest answer.

Because everything from the soil acidity to amount of sunlight can affect the final flavor and crunch, pecans from different batches will have a slightly different taste. Regardless of whether you’re crafting a new dish or searching for the perfect candy coating, you want all of your masterpieces to have the same delicious flavors and characteristics. The best way to make sure that each and every single nut has the specific taste and texture that you’re looking for is to buy bulk pecans.

Always Fresh, Healthy, & Delicious

Buying bulk can be a tricky endeavor. What if you don’t use all the ingredients? Will it need special storage? How long is the shelf-life?  But buying bulk pecans just makes sense. They are the budget-friendly, health-conscious way to satisfy your customers’ cravings. And, they can be easily refrigerated and stored for up to 2 years in an airtight container. But perhaps the best part of buying pecans in bulk is that you’ll always have fresh and delicious pecans at hand, ready to go.

Unlike fruits and vegetables, freezing and thawing pecans does not affect their flavor or nutrient profile. And much like fruits and vegetables, everything from harvesting time to soil quality will affect the taste of the final product. If you want your perfect pecan dessert recipe that you added to your menu in August, to taste the same in January, buy bulk pecans. And, if you want your perfect pecan dessert recipe to be something your customers just can’t resist, buy Stahmanns’ bulk pecans. 

Buying Bulk Pecans From Stahmanns

Oftentimes, discussions centered around buying bulk products are focused primarily on saving money, leaving things like quality and sustainability to be distant seconds. However, when you buy from Stahmanns that is never the case.  The money-saving and sustainability  benefits are always present, but with choice quality pecans instead of an average nut. 

Our dedication to providing the highest-quality pecans doesn’t waver under big numbers. On the contrary, our expertise is supplying large quantities of premium-quality bulk pecans. Each and every nut features a beautiful golden hue, a slight natural sweetness, and the perfect crunch. In fact, our bulk pecans are likely higher quality than other small-scale suppliers’ premium pecans. Which means that every bite, slice, or nibble your customers have will taste just as delicious as the first time you made it. 

We accomplish this by hand-selecting each and every nut. If they feature irregular shapes, diminutive sizes, or unsightly dark coloring, they’ll never leave the orchard. But, if they have that ideal golden, brown buttery hue and the perfect size that Stahmanns is famous for they make their way to bakeries, restaurants, ice cream shops, steakhouses, and eateries across the country.

Stahmanns Commitment to Sustainability

Everyday, we’re hard at work on our beautiful orchard picking, packing, and shipping the most premium pecans. So, we take careful steps to ensure that we honor the planet that provides us with our favorite crunch. We’re constantly evolving our irrigation system to minimize water waste. We’ve completely stopped the use of herbicides and drastically reduced the use of pesticides to protect the soil and our pollinators. And, perhaps most importantly, we have our very own, on-site shelling plant. This reduces transportation waste and allows us to ensure quality at every step of production. Producing high-quality bulk pecans in a sustainable manner, is an important part of the Stahmanns’ mission. 

Buying Bulk Pecans, That’s Just Good Business Sense

When you buy Stahmanns bulk pecans, you know that you’re getting a premium nut at a budget conscious price. Rebaggers can rest easy knowing that their precious pecans will arrive in prime condition and were produced sustainably. Restaurateurs can feel confident that their patrons are getting the 5-star experience they were promised. And candy-makers can anticipate a hard-to-replicate crunch and perfect flavor. Buying in bulk always cuts costs, but when you buy in bulk from Stahmanns, it never cuts corners. 

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