5 Reasons to Add Pecans To Your Menu

Every season chefs, candy makers, bakers, and other culinary connoisseurs flex their creative muscles and add new offerings to their menu. And, whether the intent is to be more seasonally suited or simply to refresh some well-loved classics, there’s one ingredient you can always count on– pecans. They’re versatile, they’re healthy, and they’re tasty. We may be biased, but when we look at the facts it’s hard to imagine a better ingredient to add to your menu.

1. A Picture of Health

The power of the pecan is undeniable. Contained in these precious nuts are a variety of hard-to-find vitamins and minerals. Pecans are also a natural, high-quality source of protein that contain very few carbohydrates, no cholesterol, and are naturally sodium-free. When you take into account pecans’ high fiber content, you’ll find that they are somewhat of a culinary unicorn. From Vitamins A&E to folic acid and zinc, pecans are an easy way to enrich a meal. And, even if the focus of your menu is not health-centric, who can say no to a tasty source of protein and fiber?

2. Versatility In A Nutshell

Literally. Within a pecan shell, there is a delicate, slightly sweet, and buttery nut that epitomizes versatility. When buying pecans in bulk, or any product, you want to ensure that you can get the most out of your purchase. With pecans, it’s as easy as pie. Their natural sweetness allows them to blend in beautifully with sweet ingredients and desserts. While the slightly buttery and nutty profile of pecans makes them just as perfect of a pairing for savory dishes. 

Give them a candy coating and sprinkle them atop a fall salad for a delicious crunch. Or, grind them up and use them as a vitamin-rich, gluten-free breading for chicken or fish. It’s the rare dish that wouldn’t be improved with a little pecan power. 

3. Support Local Farmers

Each and every one of our pecans are home-grown right here in New Mexico. Our orchard is home not only to beautiful groves of pecan trees but also to the ever-growing Stahmanns family of workers. We are not a giant corporation that runs over local operations and takes without giving. We are a dedicated team, who truly cares about both pecans and our community. When you support us, you’re supporting a family that genuinely loves what they do, and getting a better final product because of it. 

4. It’s Crunch Time

Every chef and culinary creator has their own recipe for what makes a dish great. However, there are three general elements considered necessary to create a well-rounded, satisfying dish. Those are taste, texture, and appearance. If you check off all three, you’re sure to have customers coming back for your mouth-watering creations. When looking to add texture to your dishes, pecans are there, in a pinch. 

The Stahmanns’ crunch is an essential component of our legendary pecans. It’s one of the many things that make our pecans stand out from our competitors, and it’s just the thing to make your food stand out from your competitors. Use them as a topping, coating, breading… whatever your heart (and tastebuds) desire. You can count on pecans to elevate the dish with a satisfying crunch of texture.  

5. In Good Taste

Last, but certainly not least, taste. Taste is subjective. When catering a menu to clientele, it’s important to choose high-quality ingredients with mass-appeal. Pecans allow you to do just that, without having to sacrifice creativity or ingenuity. Their mild, slightly sweet, and buttery flavor is universally appealing and makes for the perfect canvas to play with other flavors. You can dress them up with complex pairings or let their natural flavors play through for rustic appeal. Pecans are loved-worldwide for their beautiful, nutty flavor making them the perfect option to add to your menu. 


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