Premium Pecans- It’s In Our DNA

Every pecan begins as nothing more than a tiny seed. What sprouts forth from there, differs at each pecan orchard. From soil acidity to sunlight exposure, there are numerous different factors that affect pecan growth, and we carefully oversee them all. But, our dedication to perfect pecans doesn’t end with well-maintained fields and the sunny New Mexico weather.

We strive for much more than just the perfect pecan. We strive to ensure that our core values of quality, integrity, honesty, and continuous improvement are present from the moment we plant a seed to the second it’s shipped off the farm.


Though we specialize in providing bulk pecans, we never sacrifice quality in pursuit of quantity. On the contrary, we make sure that every pecan that leaves our orchard holds up to our historic degree of excellence. Quality isn’t just about providing the perfect crunch or harnessing that ideal golden hue. For us, quality extends far beyond our pecans. We want our patrons to experience quality in every facet of their Stahmanns’ experience. 


In conjunction with our commitment to quality, is our quest for excellence. We don’t want to be known for “high-quality” pecans, we want to be known for our perfect pecans. We achieve this through continued efforts for improvement. The ceiling for perfection is ever-rising, we don’t let it out of our sight. From revolutionary water conservation techniques to the market’s finest tree shakers and shell breakers, we always go the extra mile to ensure that our pecans are the best they can be. 


The Stahmanns’ orchard has been in our family since its inception, and we still hold ourselves to the same strict moral code that governed us in 1932. These standards can be summed with one overarching principle— honesty. In every aspect of our operation, we put honesty first. Honesty with our workers, honesty in our business practices, and honesty with our customers. Honesty is an essential part of our operation because it establishes the type of culture & environment we want to work in and the type of clients we want to work with.

Coupled closely with our principle of honesty is that of integrity. Every member of the Stahmanns’ team works with integrity. And, because of this integrity, you’ll find our commitment to our standards, (both moral and quality), never wavers. We refuse to cut corners or take the easy way out just because it’s less difficult. Stahmanns’ integrity is the driving force behind our premium pecans.

4. It’s More Than Just Pecans

All of these values are intertwined in the Stahmanns’ experience. Whether you’re driving through the farm for the stunning views, or purchasing a palette of our delicious bulk pecans, you’ll see firsthand just how important these values are to us. Our dedication to friendly and helpful customer service, our top-of-the-line pecan production process, our strict code of business ethics, and of course, our premium pecans are all the result of these morals. 

Quality, honesty, integrity, continual improvement are more than just important to us, they’re part of our DNA. 


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