The Perks of Picking A Local Farm Over Online Bulk Pecan Sellers

When you do a quick Google search for “Buy bulk pecans online”, you’re flooded with a plethora of options. At the top of the list, you’ll see an abundance of popular marketplaces selling the whole gamut of nuts, from pecans to peanuts to pistachios and even other non-nut treats. With a simple click of a button, you can have these bulk options on the way to your business in a matter of days. So why dig a little deeper for a local option with these options right before you? Keep reading to find out why choosing the smaller guys like us pays off in the long run (and in the short run, too).


Quality over quantity

When you want the best for your business, you must choose the best. Our sole mission is to grow, harvest, shell, and deliver premium quality bulk pecans, making us experts in our field. Our processes, equipment, and staff are focused on this mission, and as such, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

From our in-house shelling plant which rapidly shells and packs our bulk pecans to maintain freshness, to our historic rows of pecan groves that we’ve come to love like family, every part of our process is deep-rooted and time-tested. And unlike online sellers, we stay deeply connected to the land that bears our product, ensuring maximum quality control and flavor testing. This comprehensive approach to pecan production ensures that the final product meets our standards, and yours.


A focus on flavor first

When you bite into a Stahmanns pecan, you’ll wonder why every pecan doesn’t taste as sweet, smooth, and fresh. The secret to our tasty bulk pecans? Generations of loyal commitment. Deane and W.J. Stahmann began this story in 1932, and in 2020, we continue to discover more techniques that enhance flavor and stabilize the tasting experience. 

Each and every one of our 168,000+ pecan trees is carefully maintained and nourished to ensure a fruitful harvest every year. Day in and day out, our team makes their way up and down the rows, irrigating the trees, breaking up the soil to allow for growth, and keeping a close eye on pests. Once it’s time to shake the trees and sort the pecans, we select only the most golden and crisp pecans, removing any bad apples along the way. From there, our rapid shelling plant on the farm’s grounds allows us to quickly shell, pack, and ship your delivery in no time at all.

While each step of this process may seem mundane, every extra check and send-off ensures that the final product maintains our gold standard, ultimately delivering the perfect bite.

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Wholesale pecans
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Wholesale pecans
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The attention you deserve

Each and every customer is a valuable partner to us, helping us continue our story and share the power of pecans with all. We won’t treat you like you’re just another customer, because you aren’t—our success is contingent upon yours. As such, we deeply value your thoughts and concerns, taking your business’s goals personally and committing to making them a reality. If you have a rushed order, last-minute addition, or need competitive pricing, we’re here to listen and make it happen. 

Our countless happy customers all over the world can attest to this commitment, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear what this customer had to say about the level of service and dedication that our team brought to the table.

“I’ve been in the pecan business over 30 years at the grower level as well as broker level and now as a manufacturer of gourmet products purchasing pecans as an ingredient. In agriculture there are so many different variables, and qualities of product, it is important to match the product to the specific purpose. I need the BEST pecans available for my products…and Stahmanns has the very best available anywhere.”


It always goes back to the source

At the end of the day, choosing where to purchase bulk pecans determines who you choose to support. As a local pecan farm in La Mesa, New Mexico for the past 87 years, we’ve enriched our community with stable jobs, tasty pecans, and timeless traditions. And by supporting us, you support our community, allowing us to continue to spread roots and make a difference where it counts. And in times like these, that support is truly priceless. 

With massive online bulk pecan sellers, tracing the source of your pecans can be a tricky task, and sometimes, you can discover that the source of your product doesn’t live up to your expectations. At Stahmanns Pecans, our family-owned pecan farm is focused on providing a premium product and building up our community while we’re at it—no shortcuts, no deception, no urge to make a quick buck. Sounds like your business’s values? If so, you deserve a bulk pecan producer that mirrors them. 

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