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Pumpkin and Wholesale Pecans Go Great Together

With more and more sales of pumpkin flavored products, according to Specialty Food, people are looking for more niche items. The boom in the pumpkin flavored food industry has led to many new products on the market. What goes better with pumpkin other than pecans? Pecans are one of the best ingredients to pair with…

Innovative Pecan Snacks and Sweets for Specialty and Gourmet Creations

Did you know that it’s possible to make delicious cheese biscuits that are made with pecan flour? Yummy! Or, how about chocolate date energy bars made with pecan meal? Most people have had cheese biscuits or the standard chocolate dessert bar, but have you ever tried them with pecan meal or pecan flour. They taste…

Pecan Nuts Make a Great Addition to Specialty Food Recipes

Do you avoid buying large quantities of bulk pecans for sale at wholesale simply because you aren’t sure what recipes to develop for your specialty food products? Like many food artists, you might be thinking pecans are mostly used in desserts and candy making. If so, you may be missing out on the great flavor…

A Variety of Consumers Love Pecans for Specialty Foods

Today’s consumers can be described as a diverse and evolving generation. They are a mixed and multicultural group. The eating habits and tastes of younger consumers are driving businesses to develop new combinations of flavors with unique textures and versatile ingredients.

The Top 4 Benefits of Buying Pecans in Bulk for Ice Cream Confectioneries

Wholesale pecan nuts are delicious, crunchy, buttery, and good for the health. They are loaded with vitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants. The price of pecans is right. These are reasons why they make perfect ingredients for most salads, dishes, and desserts, including ice cream.